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Drew's essay succeeds because it is refreshingly honest, and he doesn't try to present himself as infallible.It is also free of major errors, introspective, and successful in conveying his passion for mechanical engineering.The admissions folks read scores of essays on "significant events" in which the writer describes a winning touchdown, a brilliant moment of leadership, a perfectly executed solo, or the happiness brought to the less-fortunate by an act of charity. At the heart of Drew's essay is a failure -- he acted in a way that did not live up to his personal ideals.

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Drew's essay has a pleasing level of self awareness and self criticism. He is disturbed by his decision, and his essay explores his inner conflicts.

Drew is not perfect—none of us are—and he is refreshingly up front about this fact. Also, Drew's essay isn't just about his faulty decision.

When last May a friend of my father’s asked me if I wanted a summer job working for his machining company, I jumped at the opportunity.

I would learn how to use computer-operated lathes and milling machines, and I would gain valuable hands-on experience for my college studies.

Looking back, I think my decision was one of convenience and cowardice. What if my first job offer has a stunning salary and interesting engineering challenges, but the employer is a defense contractor like Lockheed or Raytheon?

Will I turn down the job, or will I once again compromise my ideals? Many engineering professors work under military grants, so my college research and internships could get entangled in messy ethical dilemmas.

I’m a big critic of our mismanaged involvement in the Middle East.

I’m appalled by the number of lives that have been lost in military conflicts, many of them young Americans like myself.

I want our troops to have the best equipment they can, but I also believe that our possession of the best military equipment makes us more likely to go to war.

Military technology continues to grow more lethal, and technological developments create a never-ending cycle of military escalation. To this day I still weigh the ethical dilemma of my summer work.


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