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I never knew that Mormons couldn't drink coffee or that Romanians gut an entire pig to feast on for all of winter.

Their philosophies, although often dissonating from my own, taught me that it's often beneficial to disagree.

When I was hurled into Texas, I was miserable when I didn't express myself within the Kinkaid-bubble.

However, I quickly began to realize that I didn't have to like Ed Sheeran or keep my shoes M7652-000 to enjoy life.

Sandalwood, my friends and I call it--a late-night, post-fast food, teen-angst polluted lake.

Sandalwood is the cosmos and the meaning of God and the Sisyphus-like emotions that we discuss there.

Imagine trying to count how many people have ever been inspired by the Beatles!

Music is an honesty that you embrace more than escape.

" I met Cheyenne through Freshman year volleyball and we were friends because I tried; I borrowed cowboy boots for football games, didn't discuss my quirky music, and washed my shoes.

As I grew, however, it was our differences that brought us together.


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