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I hope these tips help you write a great college essay.One way to construct a high-level idea would be to delve into a passion and focus on how you interact with the concept or activity.For example, using “creative writing” as a high-level idea, one could stress their love of world-building, conveying complex emotions, and depicting character interactions, emphasizing how writing stems from real-life experiences.A different idea that doesn’t involve an activity would be to discuss how your personality has developed in relation to your family; maybe one sibling is hot-headed, the other quiet, and you’re in the middle as the voice of reason (or maybe you’re the hot-head).These are simply two examples of infinitely many ideas you could come up with.While SAT scores, your past course load, and your grades provide a quantitative picture of you as a student, the Common App essay offers adcoms a refreshing glimpse into your identity and personality.For this reason, try to treat the essay as an opportunity to tell colleges why you are unique and what matters to you.The third question is more difficult to grasp, but it involves showing why your personality traits, methods of thinking, areas of interest, and tangible skills form a traditional five-paragraph essays.You are free to be creative in structure, employ dialogue, and use vivid descriptions—and you should!If it grabs the reader’s attention, he or she will be encouraged to read on. As a matter of style, writing in an active voice energizes an essay. Word processing programs often provide assistance with converting passive sentences to the active tense. *Use your conclusion to recapture the main points of your essay.* Your conclusion should leave a lasting statement that reminds the reader of your essay’s key points.If you are experiencing writer’s block, skip this first sentence, and work on the rest of your essay. Reiterate the main themes of your essay, but say it in a different way than you did before.


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