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Evidently, the world changed considerably after the Cold War ended in 1945, but the lessons of the war continue to be relevant in the current political and economic landscape.The Cold War set the stage for the United States to exercise its power to lead nations through strategic alliances.This pressured the Soviet Union to funnel funding to its own army, but it eventually succumbed to bankruptcy.

Clearly, it can be concluded that the events of the Cold War catapulted the United States to superpower status with global influence like no other.

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They said Truman and Churchill wanted to destroy the USSR, which was just defending itself.

The Traditional View: At first, western writers blamed Russia.

Though there was no direct large-scale war between the two states, there was always the threat that could have triggered a full-blown world war.

The Cold War lasted about 45 years and it changed the global political and economic landscape.

This essay looks into some of the key lessons of the Cold War and discusses how the war established America into a global superpower.

The effects of the Cold War continue to be felt decades after it had ended.

An American U2 spy plane took photographs of Soviet intermediate ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear payloads.

The Soviet Union sent a total of 42 medium range missiles and 24 intermediate range missiles to Cuba. Ultimately the Soviets removed the missiles on America’s promise of not invading Cuba (, 2010) The cold war is not only a period in international history but also a description of the overall relationship between the USA and USSR during that period. Each of them generates a set of discrete claims about the causes of the cold war, the nature of the cold war, the end of the cold war, and its legacy in contemporary international relations.


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