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Even “no” doesn’t mean you won’t find an internship with a company. Next up: Learn how to get an internship with a personalized resume and interview. Make sure it draws the hiring manager in like a $100 bill. See our guides: Tom Gerencer is a career expert who has published over 200 in-depth articles on Zety.

When you get turned down, ask for an That’s where you ask about the job and what it’s like. Pro Tip: After you find an internship, wrap it up right. Then send handwritten thank-you notes for a networking bonus. See our guide: Now you know where to find internships. Since 2016, he has been sharing advice on all things recruitment from writing winning resumes and cover letters to getting a promotion.

Find companies by doing an online search, at a community employment center or through your college career center. Go to each company's website to see if they offer internships and how to apply for them. If there are no application instructions or if the site doesn't mention internships, write down the email address or phone number of the company's human resources department.

Call the human resources office at the company where you'd like to be an intern.

Pro Tip: Need more tips for how to get an internship? At a big company, you might be sharpening the pencils. And it's often easier to get your foot in the door! I was shortlisted for a national award costs money.

When you get an interview, send all materials promptly and offer to start right away. Did you get good leads from a job fair or networking outreach? See our guide: You won’t find an internship at the first company you ask. Target 15–20 different companies you’d like to intern at and call them all. How to find internships without internship websites? Use Linked In’s advanced people search to locate the right hiring manager. But a connection request with an included note is free.Here’s how to get an internship without being pushy: If employers tell you, “We don’t hire interns,” offer to be their first. I applied for (and got) a Watson fellowship that shelled out a hefty stipend. Now you know how to find internships using internship finders, job fairs, and networking. Pro Tip: Use the same personalization tip for interviews. Then drill with practice situational questions and real achievements from your past.I called the company I interned at and said, “How would you like a free employee for a year? A letter from the company accepting my internship helped me get the money. Being interested makes the hiring manager more likely to become your advocate. You’ve even learned how to ask for an internship that isn’t there. Are you personalizing your internship resume and interview style?Finding internships is about the most important thing a college grad can do.The good news is, it’s easy once you know the steps.Use one of them to share your biggest achievement that fits the company’s needs. Do that, and you’ll stand out like Superman in a sea of Kents and get any internship you want.The experts say to “be persistent,” but that doesn’t mean just bullying the manager. So—ask for someone else who might hire you for an internship. Then, tell them the first hiring manager referred you. The above tip for how to find internships magnifies your odds of getting hired through job fairs, internship websites, networking, cold-calling.You may find the manager’s email address or phone number on the company website.In your query, spend two sentences introducing yourself. Then, scour your past for achievements that show you are the one-and-only.You’ve got several weapons in your arsenal to help find an internship fast. Customizing your resume—and your interview style—make you stand out like a klieg light. Also check regular job sites and even plain ol’ Google.Learn key facts about the enterprise and the internship on offer. They list thousands of intern positions around the country and the world. Don’t skip job fairs, networking, and cold calling the company, either. The regular job search sites do just fine as internship finders too.


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