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Version 1.4 updates the dependent libraries, improves XQuery performance, removes deprecated methods, and adds assorted utility methods here and there throughout the package.NUX is published under a modified BSD license (no advertising clause).

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The second part of the Ji BX framework is the binding runtime.

The enhanced class files generated by the binding compiler use this runtime component both for actually building objects from an XML input document (called unmarshalling, in data binding terms) and for generating an XML output document from objects (called marshalling).

Instead it looks like they simply made a checklist of features which were then implemented independently without any real integration between the people working on different pieces.

I'd be extremely surprised if any actual user testing was done on this.

"This document describes the selectors that already exist in CSS1 and CSS2, and also proposes new selectors for CSS3 and other languages that may need them." New features include The Eclipse Project has released Web Tools 1.0, a collection of XML and Web Services editors for the open source Eclipse IDE. As XML editors go, it's pretty weak, certainly not up to the level of Oxygen, for example.

Both features and user interface don't seem to be closely tied to how XML is actually edited.

Dennis Sosnoski has released Ji BX 1.0, yet another open source (BSD license) framework for binding XML data to Java objects using your own class structures.

It falls into the custom-binding document camp as opposed to the schema driven binding frameworks like Jax Me and JAXB.

At some point after you've compiled your source code into class files you execute the first part of the Ji BX framework, the binding compiler.

This compiler enhances binary class files produced by the Java compiler, adding code to handle converting instances of the classes to or from XML.


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