Chemistry Retrosynthesis

One of the following arrows is used to indicate retrosynthetic analysis. Hexanal (2), vanillin (3), and acetone (4) are readily available.

People often dismiss organic chemistry as “all memorization”.

Since each instructor will have his own approach towards designing these problems, I’ll offer a few general tips for students who are starting to learn retrosynthesis.

Just in case you haven’t encountered these yet, here’s an example of a retrosynthesis problem with unspecified starting materials.

The actual synthesis can then be designed based on the retrosynthetic analysis.

The method of retrosynthetic analysis is very effective, but it requires a great knowledge of chemical compounds, classes of compounds, chemical reactions, reaction conditions etc.Graphs should be developed for each starting functional group to illustrate the variety of products you can get in a single step. Graphs are particularly useful for recognizing more complicated reactions that form carbon-carbon bonds because you will better be able to recognize the underlying structures.Tables are more complicated, but are also a good way to organize reactions.You will find that there are several different ways to complete the retrosynthesis, depending on which strategies you choose.University of East Anglia, UK Retrosynthetic Analysis Analysis of Complex Synthetic Problems; Terminology; Retrosynthetic Strategies; Goals and Subgoals; Computer-Assisted Retrosynthetic Analysis.The process is continued until a readily available starting material is arrived at.This approach to designing synthesis of organic compounds is known as retrosynthetic analysis. Mukalyama was based on the following retrosynthetic analysis.I have listed useful examples of column/rows below.At the beginning, a lot of these columns will be completely inapplicable, and that’s OK. Most reactions will have a name, and it’s useful to know these.Technically, you could draw out each arrow-pushing step to logically determine what product would emerge from a reaction, but who has the time?It is far easier to memorize a few parameters for each reaction and use your limited exam time on other problems.


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