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the metathesis reaction gained interests and popularity over the last decade.

the metathesis reaction gained interests and popularity over the last decade. Further investigations in the mechanism of the transformation by Chauvin sparked the development of novel more well-defined metathesis catalysts.

These compounds represent a novel class of highly active and yet functional group-tolerant molybdenum-based olefin metathesis catalysts [].

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The Ruthenium system, mainly developed by Grubbs and his group, is less reactive than the Molybdenum system but is more tolerant to a variety of functional groups and is less air sensitive.

To remedy the air sensitivity of the Schrock systems, Xi Mo developed a new process to encapsulate various Molybdenum based catalyst in microcrystalline wax.

We are proud carry on the tradition and organize this year’s ISOM XXI, which is also aimed at paying a tribute to the scientific achievements of Franz Stelzer on occasion of his upcoming retirement. As one can easily imagine, ISOM XVII held in 2007 in Pasadena, USA was a huge celebration of the awardees and the recognition of the importance of olefin metathesis by the Nobel committee.

This special issue is therefore dedicated to the Franz Stelzer and his scientific achievements. Nowadays olefin metathesis is an indispensable tool in organic and pharmaceutical chemistry as well as in macromolecular chemistry and olefin metathesis-based methodologies play an important role in materials chemistry as well as in sustainable synthesis and the valorization of renewable resources.

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This review summarizes the recent progress of Grubbs–Hoveyda (GH) type olefin metathesis catalysts incorporated into the robust fold of β-barrel proteins.


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