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section of the lesson, I will model for students how to make inferences in the text with the first page of "The Scarlet Ibis" because I want to show them what a well-written inference looks like. Then I'll re-read the page out loud and model for them how I inferred something about the narrator.

As part of this model, I will remind students that when they are citing evidence and quoting from the text, they must use quotation marks. I will emphasize this because I want them to be able to cite evidence correctly when they discuss literature and write essays in the future.

They will be practicing citing strong and thorough evidence of what the text says and inferences that can be drawn CCSS. Also, the evidence must support the inference, and they should be able to explain how this is so if asked to share.

For example, in my evidence the narrator notices the not-so-nice looking flowers in the garden and he talks about how wild (rank) everything is.

I'll allow 3 or 4 students to share their evidence so that they hear a variety of examples of inferences.

Then, I do one last check to see if students have questions before I release them to work independently or in pairs for about 25 minutes.

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The evidence/support would be the fact that they are wearing the shoes, cap, and jersey.

Even though the student did not explicitly state that they play basketball, I could make that inference based on the evidence.


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