Channel Assignment In Mobile Communication

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One of the most important issues in the design of a cellular radio network is to determine a spectrum-efficient and conflict-free allocation of channels among the cells while satisfying both the traffic demand and the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) constraints [].

This is usually referred to as channel assignment or frequency assignment.

The theoretical analysis of the tele traffic was validated through MATLAB simulation analysis [].

The simulation model is based on the number of users within a specific area which has BTSs.

This constitutes an important bottleneck in the provided capacity of mobile cellular systems.

Careful design of a network is necessary to ensure efficient use of limited frequency resources.This is achieved by determining the position of users (or mobile stations) in wireless mobile systems.The proposed scheme is simulated in order to investigate its efficiency within a specific area of a large city in Saudi Arabia.https:// good practice in outdoor wireless networks is to design your base station that has multiple access points, with a frequency re-use pattern.This is based on the beam-width of the access point antenna, for example – with a 90 degree sector antenna, an ABAB configuration is possible.Such probabilities generally increase with the increase in the number of mobile users.Thus reduction in call blocking/dropping will enable improved service provisioning in mobile wireless network.Mobile phones generally use cellular network system as one of the main communication network.The rate of increase in the popularity of mobile phone usage has far outpaced the availability of usable frequencies which are necessary for the communication between mobile users and the base stations of cellular networks.It has been applied to the central area of a large city, Madina Monwara, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, using two bands (900, 1800 MHz).Channel borrowing techniques were simulated to investigate the efficiency of this scheme and to make sure that the scheme is viable.


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