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Your environmental influences and experiences shape your beliefs and perspective of the world.The way you grew up and the people you surrounded yourself with have impacted the way you see life.

Talking to someone with a fixed attitude is like talking to a wall. If it’s not, try to ask yourself: Why are you so rooted on certain beliefs? Are you willing to hear other perspectives and accept them if it makes sense to you?

Your point won’t ever get across and they’ll only believe what they want to believe.

My parents liked to exaggerate on my success, and it helped me believe that I was innately smart and was good at everything. I wasn’t supposed to have a hard time understanding things.

Since I believed that I was naturally good at everything, the things that I found difficult or hard to learn did not sit well with me. To protect my pride, I would act like I didn’t care about the subject because I didn’t want to fail.

If you grew up around people who saw life as a hard, unfair, and unjust place, you probably grew up thinking similarly to them.

In contrast, if you grew up around people who lived life to the fullest and gained control over their lives, you probably believe you can do it too.

Do you think you should put in the work and continue to develop and change yourself, or are you fine living the life you live now?

I wouldn’t say you’re permanently an optimist or a pessimist.

It will only make them draw closer to their current attitude.

The only way to change someone’s attitude is to change their beliefs. It’s not fixed or permanent, so ask yourself if your attitude is open to change.


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