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This keeps the birds toasty warm even in the frigid North Atlantic waters in January. (Brendan Kelly) Shortly after a storm last fall, a strange white bird was reported from the western portion of the island. You can find more of Brendan's work on Facebook at Brendan Kelly Photography or on Instagram at @__brendankelly__.Turns out this strange bird was actually a very large white pelican. And Buddy, a 28-year-old Appaloosa horse, had his eyes removed after going blind.

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(Brendan Kelly) This bright yellow bird with a black necklace is found in dense, wet, forested areas across P. Protecting habitats for this vibrant songbird is in the hands of the people on P. (Brendan Kelly) The yellow-bellied sapsucker is a species of woodpecker which lives in younger stands of trees, where it drills holes into the bark (as shown here).

These holes drip with sap and insects, which are attracted to the sweet sap, become stuck to it — an easy meal for the sapsucker.

Pesticides entering waterways and killing insect larva, along with an unavailability of nesting cavities, has caused this species to decline significantly since the 1960s. This species at risk can be saved by taking action on a local level. (Brendan Kelly) Brendan Kelly is a student at UPEI, completing his bachelor's degree of wildlife conservation.

Building a nest box and placing it in an open area is one way to help tree swallows! While Brendan has always had an interest in nature and being outdoors, his passion has always been birds.

Also, she and the other contributors to the Tea and Bannock blog have even begun mentoring other up and coming Indigenous women photographers.

A photography project intent on showing the human side of the cancellation of the basic income pilot project has added some Thunder Bay faces.Tea and Bannock is a collective blog that features the work of seven photographers from across the country, including co-founders Tenille Campbell, who is Dene and Métis and Joi T. Other contributors include Shawna Mc Leod, a Dene photographer from N. "We're just showing that we all have these experiences and they're all different but they're all Indigenous and they're all relevant," Campbell said.Launched in January 2016, Tea and Bannock already has dozens of photo essays about those wide range of experiences, including northern living, powwows, hunting trips, a tour of an abandoned residential school and even "Indigenous erotica."Campbell, a Dene and Métis woman who also runs a business called Sweetmoon Photography, said the site and its name, were born out of a desire for a sense of community with other Indigenous women photographers — a place that feels like you are sitting around a table, enjoying tea and bannock."I wanted something that would evoke memories.Teresa, a 13-year-old Yorkshire pig who was saved from the slaughterhouse, as seen in Isa Leshko's book Allowed To Grow Old: Portraits of Elderly Animals from Farm Sanctuaries, published by the University of Chicago Press.(Isa Leshko)As part of the process of photographing the animals, Leshko spent a great deal of time simply lying on the ground next to her subjects, getting herself comfortable being around them, and them with her.Zebulon, a 12-year-old Finnsheep, developed severe arthritis after being confined to a cage for the first eight months of his life.Melvin, an angora goat, spent the first six years of his life tethered to a tire, at the mercy of the rain and wind.Other animals such as squirrels and even ruby-throated hummingbirds will feed on the sap and insects when the woodpecker isn't around.(Brendan Kelly) Tree swallows are aerial insectivores — meaning they almost exclusively eat flying insects. delaying their first cut of hay this year, bobolinks were able to successfully nest and raise young!He's seen in this portrait from Isa Leshko's book Allowed To Grow Old: Portraits of Elderly Animals from Farm Sanctuaries, published by the University of Chicago Press in 2019.(Isa Leshko)"Being on these sanctuaries, seeing the relationships between these animals and the workers who care for them, the fact that these animals had been abused by people and still managed to open their hearts again to form these close friendships with the people who were involved in their day-to-day care, it just showed me the power of empathy and forgiveness," said Leshko.


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