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Six episodes of The Dog Ate My Homework are to be recorded in front of a studio audience in Glasgow from later this month.

It's just kind of overloaded and some students can't handle.

KID 1: I'd say overall a ban on homework is a bad idea because school's meant to be a time for people to be learning and it's like a pathway to their future career.

Homework isn't exactly the funnest thing in the world. KID 1: I do about three hours of homework during the week and probably about one to two hours on the weekend.

They discussed it and decided to drop homework altogether and assign their students more free time for friends, family and fun activities.

The 10-part series will be adapted from Gillian Cross’s latest novel, centres on a group of teenagers who form a secret society to conspire against the bullies at their private school, Vandermere.

Kitty, Margot, Bree and Olivia are united by their shared goal to expose bullies and start the DGM, an anonymous group that aims to get even with anonymous pranks.

The series will be aimed at five to seven year olds.

We are incredibly proud of Harry and this amazing achievement so please do support him by watching the show.

Like, whenever she's told to read quietly, she'll read out loud, and when she's told to do her homework, she'll refuse to do it.

Constance has brown hair in a ponytail, and is usually seen wearing a yellow button-up shirt, with red pants and brown shoes.


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