Causes For The Fall Of The Roman Empire Essay

This included Spain, Italy, France, southern Britain, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, and northern Africa.

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Finally, in 395 AD, the empire was split into two for good.

The Western Empire was ruled by Rome, the Eastern Empire was ruled by Constantinople.

During one wave of the second-century Antonine plague, which was likely a form of smallpox, as many as 2,000 people died every day.

A century later, a disease that sounds, from accounts written during that era, a lot like hemorrhagic fever (the gruesome Ebolafamily of diseases) migrated from Ethiopia across the rest of the empire and took a similar toll. “In winter there is not such an abundance of rains to nourish the seeds,” wrote Cyprian, an early Christian writer of Carthage.

Many historians consider this to be the end of the Roman Empire.

The Dark Ages Begins With the fall of Rome, many changes occurred throughout Europe.The germs were the most violent and obvious destabilizing forces.For all of the society’s technological sophistication, Roman doctors had no notion of germ theory, and Roman cities hosted a robust resident population of waterborne and airborne diseases —especially malaria, typhoid, and various intestinal ills.On top of this, the empire’s densely urbanized populations — connected by intricate trade routes — were excellent targets for major pandemics.Harper demonstrates that the Roman Empire was hit by at least three great plagues, each a powerful blow to both its population and civic institutions.He divided the Empire into two parts, the Eastern Roman Empire and the Western Roman Empire.Over the next hundred years or so, Rome would be reunited, split into three parts, and split in two again.But at the time, it was easy for Rome to make successful moves: Nature dealt it an especially good hand. Romans grew and shipped prodigious quantities of grain, especially in North Africa, and their leaders sometimes went to great lengths to hold wheat prices down, offer subsidies, and make sure citizens could feed themselves.During much of the Roman Climate Optimum (about 250 B. Then, from the middle of the second century onward, nature began dealing out some rotten hands — in the form of natural disasters and vicious germs — and the empire couldn’t hold its winning streak.Ancient Rome Rome ruled much of Europe around the Mediterranean for over 1000 years.However, the inner workings of the Roman Empire began to decline starting around 200 AD.


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