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As a result, many parents and teachers are not aware of bullying.

As a result, many parents and teachers are not aware of bullying.But if they dismiss the problem or do not care about it, I think it shows a lack of communication with children." was asked, and unfortunately about 190 students had been bullied before. " was also asked, and 198 students answered "Yes" (Morita, 1999, pp. In another survey, "If you are bullied, will you depend on your teacher or parents?

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Many parents have jobs, and they are out until late at night, so they do not have enough time to talk with their children.

Also, teachers have a lot of classes and work, so they have little extra time.

Others even consider suicide, so the effects of bullying last a lifetime.

Data on Bullying in Japan According to a survey of 464 junior high school students in Japan, "Have you ever experienced bullying?

Recent Cases of Bullying in Japan Electronic bullying has become a problem recently, such as insulting messages identifying individuals on Internet bulletin board systems or utilizing the mobile phones that are ubiquitous among young people in Japan.

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In the past, most bullying took place at school, so when kids got home they could find sanctuary.

I believe that everyone must have equal rights to receive education.

Children need to be able to relax and sleep soundly. They need to communicate with their parents and teachers.

But mobile phones are so important to children that they tend to keep them switched on all the time.

So if a child is harassed by mobile phone calls, it can seem like there is no escape.


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