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This might be where the frustration sets in, or the cursing. One hand needs to help the other, but both are tied down by logistical politics.Essentially, it's a stalemate: where both parties need to move forward, but neither can move before the other.Specifically, Heller employs satire to drive home point after point about the absurdities that happen in wartime politics and how these absurdities result in real human suffering and loss. We have over 200 college courses that prepare you to earn credit by exam that is accepted by over 1,500 colleges and universities.

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In this same vein, Heller has found a way to speak in a way that engages our emotions and keeps us sitting around the dinner table to hear and discuss the next anecdote because it's too fascinating and important to walk away.

Satire makes him the best conversationalist in the room.

This leaves Yossarian with the remnants of the dead man's life in his tent and nothing he can do with him. In the end, Heller needs satire to make his novel digestible and to get the importance of his points across.

If these scenarios were delivered minus the satire, the story would be cold and harsh.

Satire is when one uses comedy to expose another's flaws, and a catch 22 is when a situation is stuck in a stalemate.

The novel Catch 22 by Joseph Heller uses satire as a powerful and poignant literary tool.Even though the characters played by women are in a minority, they are not exactly powerful and as a matter of fact they are little more than objects for Yossarian and his buddies.As secondary characters in the story, the women influence plot lines and sometimes are a cause for distress to the cast of male characters but they seldom influence the overall feeling of hopelessness and despair present in the novel.Just as you maybe later told your DMV experience to a friend and exaggerated the clerk's responses or ridiculed their nonsensical tone to show how silly the situation was, Heller exaggerates policies and procedures to make the reader horrifically aware of the indignities of war and politics through the comedy of satire.Heller strikes early and infuses every moment with his satire.Satire is when one uses comedy to expose another's flaws.In Heller's case it is the flaws of the several American institutions, such as religion and war, he wishes to expose.However, with the repetition, the writer also allows the reader to understand the characters in a better way.The novel moves ahead with stories at a very fast pace all the time presenting interesting insights into how the characters react to given situations.The phrase 'catch 22', which has become a common expression in American culture, is derived from the title of the great Joseph Heller novel about a 28-year-old World War II soldier named Yossarian, who experiences these types of catches one after another while being stationed on an island called Pianosa, just off the Italian coast.These catch 22s are the perfect vehicle for Heller to deliver his satire.


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