Castle Writing Paper

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Make sure that each supporting paragraph reflects back to the original thesis, is clearly explained and is not redundant.

In some cases it will be enough to ask 'write an essay for me' and wait for results.

This is why it is important to use good “hooks” and a strong vocabulary that is expressive.

It is a good idea to write with enthusiasm when you compose an essay like this but try to stay away from “ranting” or going on a tangent.

In Episodes 14 & 74, Guards spray contestants with hoses to distract/hurry them.

In many ways writing a persuasive essay is very similar to presenting a case in a courtroom.It is quite common for persuasive essays to be written regarding controversial ideas because it is an effective narrative structure for presenting an opinion on a matter that is often debated.To help students become better at writing in this format we have included a helpful list of persuasive essay tips.If the contestants make it through the second wall they'll usually be confronted with the Boxing Monster (the Honey Monster in earlier episodes).They will need to make their way past him to continue on.Now they have to choose four paper doors, one in each wall, to make it all the way through and win. Some are made from paper, but have a net fixed behind.If a contestant runs through one of these they'll be caught in the net and also lose the game.Try not to press your own opinions into the essay, instead back all of your examples of up with strong supporting evidence examples.Along with presenting a specific side of an issue your persuasive essay should also be interesting enough to keep a readers attention.See how life would have been in the principal rooms of the castle over 500 years ago. Simply click on a picture or one of the links to view the larger printable version.Use the coloured pictures below as a guide to colouring the black and white pictures. You may like to use the pictures above as a guide to colouring.


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