Cask Amontillado Edgar Allan Poe Thesis

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“A wrong is unredressed when retribution overtakes its redresser.The theme of revenge in “The Cask of Amontillado” is the driving force for the entire short story. The main character, Montresor, vows to take revenge against the other main character, Fortunato, because of an “insult” that Fortunato has apparently made against Montresor (Baraban). Fortunado doesn’t suspect any future punishment since Montressor has been acting nice towards him.“It must be understood that neither by word nor deed had I given Fortunado cause to doubt my good will.” (Poe 101) Montressor also toasts to Fortunado’s “long life” (Poe 103) which is more deception played out to prove Fortunado’s life was ending soon.The irony in Montressor’s narration is heavy device used to support the story.Irony is a meaning or outcome contrary to what is expected.It’s Carnival in Italy and good wine is at a premium.Montresor uses stratagem to lure Fortunato into his underground vaults to exact his revenge.The first indirect factor that could contribute to Montresor’s vengeful act, and thus the story’s theme of revenge, is the character of Montresor. Montresor tends to harbor feelings of resentment and has a hard time not taking things out of context (Womack).


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