Case Study On Student With Autism

Case Study On Student With Autism-73
Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research, 11(3), pp.175–193.

As a consequence, this study has a holistic point of view; the child has to consider more than one variable at the same time (in a real situation) instead of single variables (in a restricted environment).

If theoretical points of departure about learning were distinctly clarified in studies about autism, the understanding of how and what people with autism learn would be easier to grasp.

Lord and Mc Gee (There is need for research on the development of more specific measures of important areas of outcome in cognition, including the acquisition and generalization of problem-solving and other cognitive skills in natural contexts (e.g., the classroom and the home) and the effects of these skills on families and other aspects of children's lives.

There is also a need for research to define appropriate sequences of skills that should be taught through educational programs for young children with autistic spectrum disorders, as well as methods for selecting those sequences, while developing programs for individual children.

The results are stable over time, showing the increased abilities in new situations during a six-month period.

The study shows the importance of making the pupils focus on the Holmqvist, M. Structured flexibility: six case studies of how children with diagnosed autism develop independency in daily living activities.

Even if there are several studies describing how to increase ability or decrease unacceptable behaviours, it is hard to find studies with this point of departure.

In most studies the behaviour seems to be in focus, and the work seems to be empirical based.

The analysis of the six participants’ learning was based on the variation theory, and focused on how variation in the learning situation had affected the learning outcome.

All six children who participated deepened their understanding of their learning objects, demonstrated by observable differences in performance of activities in which the targeted ability was included.


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