Case Studies Of Ocd Patients

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Students are given background and patient history, and a...This interrupted case study presents the story of "Jane Paul," a 27-year-old pregnant woman excited by the prospect of bringing a new life into the world.This directed case study tells the story of a middle-aged man with hypertension and hyperlipidemia who experiences an ischemic cerebrovascular accident.

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The title character suffers from hypothyroidism, and although a specific cause cannot be determined from the information provid...

In this directed case study students follow a nurse practitioner and work with a diagnostics team to determine what is wrong with Tristan, an infant who comes to the clinic with multiple bruises.

Working in small groups, students identify the learning issues for each part of the story and research answers to their questions. This directed case study tells the story of a geriatric patient who has recently been diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

It begins with him informing his granddaughter, “Jillian,” of the diagnosis. This interrupted case study follows the progress of a pediatric patient who experiences an acute asthma exacerbation brought on by an environmental trigger.

In working through the case, students define select medical terms, interpret assessment data related t...

This problem-based case focuses on the female menstrual cycle and early stages of pregnancy of an unwed teenager.

Though a normal, full-term baby at birth, starting at about 10 months of age “Billy De Witt” has suffered a series of infections, including sinusitis, otitis media, and pneumonia.

Students read a brief clinical history of the patient and a d...

Jane had been using heroin for the past seven years, but when she learns she is pregnant, she goe...

Was the "Brooklyn Butcher" of 1926 a cold-blooded killer or was something less sinister at play?


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    Decrease in thalamic volumes of pediatric patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder who are taking paroxetine a type of SSRI. Gilbert et al 2000.   There is some evidence from case studies that OCD does follow a traumatic event. Freud did make some important contributions to our understanding of anxiety disorders.…

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    This case study focuses on a young mother whose child attends a day care center where there has been an outbreak of bacterial meningitis. The case explores the need for health care workers to provide relevant medical information and advice to patients.…

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    A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial of Adjunctive BHV-4157 in OCD. More Info…

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    Case studies of twins with OCD in the old literature. in the Yale-Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale symptom checklist in two independent groups of patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder N.…

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    These sample case studies are for illustration only. They should not be used to make a diagnosis. If the symptoms sound similar to those that you or a loved one are experiencing, please contact your primary physician or a mental health professional for an evaluation as soon as possible. Case Study 1. Jessica is a 28 year-old married female.…

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    Methods Randomly selected patients who presented with one of several chronic pruritic conditions were interviewed to determine the presence of anxiety disorders. Results A significantly high percentage of the patients 14% were found to have previously undiagnosed OCD. Case studies of five of these patients…


    International Academy of Medical Acupuncture Case Studies Case Number 14 Patient Initials JSW. as in this patients eczema. b Patient’s stress often causes loose stool, indicative of the coupled meridian association of Lung/ Large Intestine. C The white pallored skin hue is also associated with the metal element lung and…

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    Major life transitions can trigger obsessive compulsive disorder OCD as this one case study of one woman's journey to co-parenting.…

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