Case Studies Of Minority Student Placement In Special Education Ebook

Case Studies Of Minority Student Placement In Special Education Ebook-52
Disproportionality is the over- and underrepresentation of racial/ethnic minorities in relation to their overall enrollment (Ahram, Fergus, & Noguera, 2011), most often related to discipline rates, special education classification, and honors/gifted/AP placement.

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Publisher's description: This fully-revised second edition offers a complete view of the institutions, people, processes, roles and philosophies found in educational practice in the United States and throughout the world. Appendices: -- Assessment and Achievement Tests -- State-by-State Directory of Departments of Education -- Court Cases, Legislation, and International Agreements -- Internet Resources -- Bibliography -- Outline of Contents. -- Mcmurry, Charles -- Media and Learning -- Media, Influence On Children -- Medical College Admission Test -- Medical Education -- Meiklejohn, Alexander -- Memory -- Autobiographical Memory -- Development Of -- Graphics, Diagrams, and Videos -- Implicit Memory -- Mental Models -- Metamemory -- Myths, Mysteries, and Realities -- Structures and Functions -- Mental Health Services and Children -- Mental Retardation, Education of Individuals With -- Mentoring -- Microteaching -- Middle East and North Africa -- Middle Schools -- Miel, Alice -- Migrants, Education Of -- Military Academies -- U. -- Knowledge Building -- Knowledge Management -- Kohlberg, Lawrence -- Labrant, Lou L. AACSB International -- Academic Advising in Higher Education -- Academic Calendars -- Academic Dean, The -- Academic Disciplines -- Academic Freedom and Tenure -- Academic Labor Markets -- Academic Major, The -- Accelerated Schools -- Accounting Systems in Higher Education -- Accreditation in an International Context, Higher Education -- Accreditation in the United States -- School -- Higher Education -- Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology -- Adapted Physical Education -- Addams, Jane -- Adjustment to College -- Adolescent Peer Culture -- Overview -- Gangs -- Parents' Role -- Advanced Placement Courses/Exams -- Affect and Emotional Development -- Affirmative Action Compliance in Higher Education -- African-American Studies -- Aggressive Behavior -- Agricultural Education -- Alberty, H. -- Alternative Schooling -- American Academy of Arts and Sciences -- American Alliance For Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance -- American Association For Higher Education -- American Association For the Advancement of Science -- American Association of Colleges For Teacher Education -- American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy -- American Association of Community Colleges -- American Association of Physics Teachers -- American Association of School Administrators -- American Association of State Colleges and Universities -- American Association of University Professors -- American Association of University Women -- American Council of Learned Societies -- American Council On Education -- American Federation of Teachers -- American Overseas Schools -- Aristotle -- Art Education -- School -- Preparation of Teachers -- Assessment -- Classroom Assessment -- Dynamic Assessment -- National Assessment of Educational Progress -- Performance Assessment -- Portfolio Assessment -- Assessment Tools -- Psychometric and Statistical -- Technology Based -- Assistive Technology -- Association of American Colleges and Universities -- Association of American Universities -- Attention -- Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder -- Augustine, St. -- Civics and Citizenship Education -- Clapp, Elsie Ripley -- Clark, Septima Poinsette -- Classroom Management -- Classroom Observation -- Classroom Questions -- Class Size and Student Learning -- Clubs -- Coalition of Essential Schools -- Coalition of Essential Schools' Common Principles -- Coleman, James S.

Macdonald, James -- Magnet Schools -- Managed Care and Children -- Mann, Horace -- Master's Degree, The -- Mathematics Education, Teacher Preparation -- Mathematics Learning -- Algebra -- Complex Problem Solving -- Geometry -- Learning Tools -- Myths, Mysteries, and Realities -- Number Sense -- Numeracy and Culture -- Word-Problem Solving -- Mays, Benjamin -- Mccall, William A. -- Dewey, John -- Discourse -- Classroom Discourse -- Cognitive Perspective -- Distance Learning in Higher Education -- Divinity Studies -- Doctoral Degree, The -- Driver Education -- Dropouts, School -- Drug and Alcohol Abuse -- School -- College -- Du Bois, W. Features include 121 biographies of influential educators; profiles of historic colleges and universities; profiles of organizations active in the field; and an appendix of full text primary source documents including education related legislation, international treaties and testing methods. -- Keppel, Francis -- Kerschensteiner, Georg -- Kilpatrick, William H. -- Buchanan, Scott -- Buros, Oscar Krisen -- Business Education -- School -- College and Graduate Study -- Preparation of Teachers -- Business Involvement in Education -- Butler, Nicholas M. -- Canada -- Capstone Courses in Higher Education -- Career Counseling in Higher Education -- Carnegie Classification System, The -- Carnegie Units -- Categorization and Concept Learning -- Catholic Schools -- Centers For Teaching Improvement in Colleges and Universities -- Chall, Jeanne -- Character Development -- Charters, W. -- Chief Academic Affairs Officers, College and University -- Child Abuse and Neglect -- Child Care -- Availability and Quality -- Cost and Financing -- Child Development, Stages of Growth -- Child Protective Services -- Historical Overview -- Current System -- Children's Literature -- Childs, John L.

Factors such as inequitable levels of school funding, unequal distribution of highly qualified and experienced teachers, harsh disciplinary policies, minimally articulated core curriculum, and lack of consistent instructional support can result in a system that causes vulnerable students to continue falling further behind.

Edward Fergus, citing findings from his 10-year root cause analysis of disproportionality (2016), found that “the wellness of instruction and curriculum as it is represented in instructional support teams/teacher assistance teams, intervention services, assessment, and gifted and talented programs continuously emerged as maintaining gaps in practices that disproportionately affected struggling learners.” Attempts to address achievement gaps without addressing the structural conditions that foster and reinforce such gaps will inevitably lead to uneven, unsustainable results.

-- Principal, School -- Private Schooling -- Professional Development Schools -- Progressive Education -- Project Method -- Prosser, Charles -- Protestant School Systems -- Psychologist, School -- Public Education, Criticism Of -- Public School Budgeting, Accounting, and Auditing -- Putnam, Alice -- Race, Ethnicity, and Culture -- Cultural Expectations and Student Learning -- Latino Growth -- Racial and Ethnic Minority Students in Higher Education -- Readability Indices -- Reading -- Beginning Reading -- Comprehension -- Content Areas -- Interest -- Learning From Text -- Prior Knowledge, Beliefs, and Learning -- Teaching Of -- Value of Reading Engagement For Children -- Reading Disabilities -- Records and Reports, School -- Recreation Programs in the Schools -- Regional Laboratories and Research and Development Centers -- Research Grants and Indirect Costs -- Research Methods -- Overview -- Qualitative and Ethnographic -- School and Program Evaluation -- Verbal Protocols -- Research Misconduct -- Research Universities -- Residential Colleges -- Resource Allocation in Higher Education -- Rice, John A.

-- Motivation -- Overview -- Instruction -- Self-Regulated Learning -- Motor Learning -- Multicultural Education -- Multiculturalism in Higher Education -- Museum As an Educational Institution, The -- Music Education -- Overview -- Preparation of Teachers -- National Academy of Sciences -- National Archives and Records Administration -- National Art Education Association -- National Association For the Education of Young Children -- National Association of Biology Teachers -- National Association of Elementary School Principals -- National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities -- National Association of Independent Schools -- National Association of Schools of Art and Design -- National Association of Secondary School Principals -- National Association of State Boards of Education -- National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges -- National Board For Professional Teaching Standards -- National Business Education Association -- National Catholic Educational Association -- National Center For Education Statistics -- National Committee For Children and Youth -- National Communication Association -- National Conference of State Legislatures -- National Council For Accreditation of Teacher Education -- National Council For the Social Studies -- National Council of Teachers of English -- National Council of Teachers of Mathematics -- National Education Association -- National Endowment For the Arts -- National Endowment For the Humanities -- National Governors Association -- National Honor Society -- National Merit Scholarships -- National Pta -- National School Boards Association -- National School Public Relations Association -- National Science Foundation -- National Science Teachers Association -- Neighborhoods -- Neill, A. -- New American Schools -- Newlon, Jesse -- No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 -- Nongovernmental Organizations and Foundations -- Nongraded Schools -- Nontraditional Students in Higher Education -- Ntl Institute For Applied Behavioral Science -- Nursing Education -- Nutrition and Children's Physical Health -- Open Classroom Schools -- Open Education -- Outcome Based Education -- Outdoor and Environmental Education -- Out-Of-School Influences and Academic Success -- Paideia Program -- Palmer, Alice Freeman -- Parental Involvement in Education -- Parenting -- Overview -- High-Risk Neighborhoods -- Influence of Parents' Level of Education -- Influence On Child's Educational Aspirations and Attainment -- Peace Education -- Peer Relations and Learning -- People With Disabilities, Federal Programs to Assist -- Personal and Psychological Counseling At Colleges and Universities -- Personal and Psychological Problems of College Students -- Pestalozzi, Johann -- Philosophy of Education -- Historical Overview -- Current Trends -- Physical Disabilities, Education of Individuals With -- Physical Education -- Overview -- Preparation of Teachers -- Piaget, Jean -- Plato -- Population and Education -- Postdoctoral Education -- Poverty and Education -- Overview -- Children and Adolescents -- Presidency, College and University -- Pressey, Sidney L.Teacher interviews found that special education was often viewed as a “fix” for struggling students.Other research, including Visible Learning research conducted by John Hattie (2009), found that tracking had “minimal effects on learning outcomes and profound negative equity effects.” Oakes et al (1990) analyzed 1,200 public and private elementary and high schools in the US and found that minority students were seven times more likely to be identified as low-ability than as high-ability students. -- Barkan, Manuel -- Beacon Education Management, Inc. -- Comenius, Johann -- Commencement -- Commerce of Education. Features include 121 biographies of influential educators; profiles of historic colleges and universities; profiles of organizations active in the field; and an appendix of full text primary source documents including education related legislation, international treaties and testing methods. -- Land-Grant Colleges and Universities -- Language Acquisition -- Language and Education -- Language Arts, Teaching Of -- Language Minority Students -- Scope -- Impact On Education -- Latchkey Children -- Latin America and the Caribbean -- Latin in Schools, Teaching Of -- Law Education -- Law School Admission Test -- Learning Analogical Reasoning -- Causal Reasoning -- Conceptual Change -- Knowledge Acquisition, Representation, and Organization -- Neurological Foundation -- Perceptual Processes -- Problem Solving -- Reasoning -- Transfer of Learning -- Learning Communities and the Undergraduate Curriculum -- Learning Disabilities, Education of Individuals With -- Learning Theory -- Historical Overview -- Constructivist Approach -- Schema Theory -- Learning to Learn and Metacognition -- Liability of School Districts and School Personnel For Negligence -- Liberal Arts Colleges -- Life Experience For College Credit -- Lifelong Learning -- Lincoln School -- Lindquist, E. -- Literacy -- Emergent Literacy -- Intertextuality -- Learning From Multimedia Sources -- Multimedia Literacy -- Narrative Comprehension and Production -- Vocabulary and Vocabulary Learning -- Writing and Composition -- Literacy and Culture -- Literacy and Reading -- Living and Learning Center Residence Halls -- Looping -- Lowenfeld, Viktor. -- Autism, Education of Individuals With -- Bagley, William C. -- College Admissions -- College Admissions Tests -- College and Its Effect On Students -- College and University Residence Halls -- College Athletics -- The Role and Scope of Intercollegiate Athletics in U. Colleges and Universities -- History of Athletics in U. Colleges and Universities -- Academic Support Systems For Athletes -- Athletic Scholarships -- College Students As Athletes -- Intramural Athletics in U. Colleges and Universities -- The National Collegiate Athletic Association -- Ncaa Rules and Regulations -- College Entrance Examination Board, The -- College Extracurricular Activities -- College Financial Aid -- College Rankings -- College Recruitment Practices -- Colleges and Universities, Organizational Structure Of -- Colleges and Universities With Religious Affiliations -- College Search and Selection -- College Seminars For First-Year Students -- College Student Retention -- College Students With Disabilities -- Accommodating -- Special Learning Needs -- College Teaching -- Collier, John, Jr.A seminal study by James Banks and several colleagues (2000) provided a comprehensive overview of variables related to the achievement gap.Funded by the Carnegie Corporation, the study identified 62 variables, organized into 5 categories and 12 principles, related to educational equity. -- Bond, Horace Mann -- Bowen, Howard -- Boyer, Ernest -- Brain-Based Education -- Brameld, Theodore -- Brookings Institution -- Broudy, Harry S. Naval Academy -- Military Professional Education System -- Military Training Doctrine, Philosophy and Practice -- Misconduct in Education -- Mississippi Freedom Schools -- Mnemonic Strategies and Techniques -- Modern Language Association of America -- Modern Red Schoolhouse -- Montessori, Maria -- Moral Development -- Moral Education -- Morrison, Henry C. -- Bethune, Mary Mcleod -- Bilingual Education -- Bilingualism, Second Language Learning, and English As A Second Language -- Binet, Alfred -- Bloom, B. -- Blow, Susan -- Board of Trustees, College and University -- Bobbitt, Franklin -- Bode, Boyd H. -- Scheduling -- School-Based Decision-Making -- School Board Relations -- Control of the Schools -- Relation of School Board to the Community -- Relation of School Board to the Superintendent -- School Boards -- Duties, Responsibilities, Decision-Making, and Legal Basis For Local School Board Powers -- Selection and Education of Members -- School Climate -- School Facilities -- Overview -- Maintenance and Modernization Of -- School Food Programs -- School Libraries -- School-Linked Services -- Types of Services and Organizational Forms -- Outcomes -- School Readiness -- School Reform -- Schwab, Joseph -- Science Education -- Overview -- Preparation of Teachers -- Science Learning -- Explanation and Argumentation -- Knowledge Organization and Understanding -- Standards -- Tools -- Sea Grant Program -- Secondary Education -- History Of -- Current Trends -- International Issues -- Segregation, Legal Aspects -- Service Learning -- School -- Higher Education -- Severe and Multiple Disablities, Education of Individuals With -- Sexuality Education -- Sexual Orientation -- Shanker, Albert -- Sheldon, Edward -- Single-Sex Institutions -- Skinner, B. -- Sleep and Children's Physical Health -- Small Nations -- Smith, David Eugene -- Smithsonian Institution, Education Programs -- Snedden, David -- Social Capital and Education -- Social Cohesion and Education -- Social Fraternities and Sororities -- Social Organization of Schools -- Social Promotion -- Social Studies Education -- Overview -- Preparation of Teachers -- South Asia -- Special Education -- History Of -- Current Trends -- Preparation of Teachers -- International Context -- Speech and Language Impairment, Education of Individuals With -- Speech and Theater Education -- Spelling, Teaching Of -- Sports, School -- Overview -- Role in Student's Social and Emotional Development -- Standards For Student Learning -- Standards Movement in American Education -- State Departments of Education -- Role and Function -- Vocational Education -- State Educational Systems. -- Federal Educational Activities -- History -- Summary By Agency -- Federal Funding For Academic Research -- Federal Funds For Higher Education -- Federal Interagency Committee On Education -- Federal Schools and Colleges -- Finance, Higher Education -- Overview -- Community and Junior Colleges -- Financial Support of Schools -- History -- Capital Outlay in Local School Systems -- State Support -- Flexner, Abraham -- Foreign Language Education -- Freire, Paulo -- Froebel, Friedrich -- Full-Service Schools -- Future Faculty Preparation Programs -- Gary Schools -- Gay and Lesbian Studies -- Gender Issues, International -- General Educational Development Test -- General Education in Higher Education -- Geography, Teaching Of -- G. Bill of Rights -- Gifted and Talented, Education Of -- Globalization of Education -- Goddard, Henry H. -- Governance and Decision-Making in Colleges and Universities -- Government and Education, the Changing Role Of -- Grading Systems -- School -- Higher Education -- Graduate Record Examination -- Graduate School Training -- Graduate Study in Education -- Gray, William Scott -- Group Processes in the Classroom -- Guidance and Counseling, School -- Hahn, Kurt -- Haley, Margaret -- Hall, G. -- Rice, Joseph Mayer -- Risk Behaviors -- Drug Use Among Teens -- Hiv/Aids and Its Impact On Adolescents -- Sexual Activity Among Teens and Teen Pregnancy Trends -- Sexually Transmitted Diseases -- Smoking and Its Effect On Children's Health -- Suicide -- Teen Pregnancy -- Risk Management in Higher Education -- Rogers, Carl -- Rousseau, Jean-Jacques -- Rugg, Harold -- Rural Education -- Overview -- International Context -- Sanchez, George I. Faculty As Entrepreneurs -- Faculty Consulting -- Faculty Diversity -- Faculty Members, Part Time -- Faculty Performance of Research and Scholarship -- Faculty Research and Scholarship, Assessment Of -- Faculty Roles and Responsibilities -- Faculty Senates, College and University -- Faculty Service Role, The -- Faculty Teaching, Assessment Of -- Family and Consumer Sciences Education -- Family Composition and Circumstance -- Overview -- Adoption -- Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs -- Foster Care -- Family Support Services -- Overview -- Income Support Services For Children and Families -- Family, School, and Community Connections -- Fawcett, Harold P.


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