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The technical content in the report will not be efficiently transmitted if the report is disorganized or poorly written. Writing well requires learning how to edit and revise your own writing.Conversely, regardless of how well the prose is written, the report needs to be built upon sound engineering and provide concrete evidence to support the conclusions. Therefore, it is wise to practice writing regularly.

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Captions for tables go above the table, as shown in Table 1, below.

Captions for figures go below the figure, as shown in Figure 1, below Software packages that create plots, e.g.

In addition to the ethical obligation to cite prior work, engineers are responsible for the truthful and accurate reporting of results of analysis and experimentation.

In its publication, On Being a Scientist, the National Academy of Engineering cite the U. Office of Science and Technology policy on behaviors that constitute research misconduct: tables and figures should have a number and caption.

Furthermore, the digital CAD files and computer programs need to be made available in a format that engineers can easily reuse in continued development of the design.

To manage the scope and variety of information necessary to document a design, student teams create a digital archive to store information in different formats.

The best approach in this situation is to keep the early report in the digital archive and release an updated version.

In subsequent reports, the team refers to most recent report.

Then, when the big report is due you will have prior work that you can edit and combine, instead of having to create a large first draft from scratch.

A Capstone project report is more complicated than a lab report or technical research paper.


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