Capitalism A Love Story Review Essay

In the film, Capitalism: A love story, the film makers use conventions and point of view to show that capitalism in America is an evil that is better replaced by democracy.

The movie changes my view of capitalism in the sense of ‘unregulated capitalism’.

Every social theory has its time, Karl Max evolved capitalism because the time was right for it, and the people, at that point in time, were ripe for the capitalistic revolution.

After this he shows an animated clip of Jesus demonstrating capitalism where Jesus does not help an injured man unless he pays “out of pocket”. ..are getting rich by confiscating the money of the lower class and the possibility to recover from it through democracy.

The bishop’s and priests’ negative opinion towards ... In conclusion, in the documentary Capitalism: A Love Story the producers suggest that the profit motive should be replaced by democracy through the use of a first person narration, recorded discussions, and footages.

The message being sent is to subvert the current system because of its harmful effects to society and to adjust it into a productive foundation where everyone makes an equal effort for the common good.

Allowing a business private ownership is like taking out security cameras from stores and banks. Or rather, what percentage of a population does capitalism benefit?Moore’s movie provides a clear answer for that; in America, which is considered one of the wealthiest nations in the world, 1% of the population own 95% of country’s resources (Gritten n.p). In a country that preaches constantly freedom, equality, democracy and human rights, something close to neo-slavery is being practiced.For in this materialistic age, are you not owned by the person who owns the material resources?Democracy is hampered, as Moore illustrates, because the process of elections and voting has become compromised; the corporations contribute to the campaigns for those candidates who they feel will best serve their needs, the candidate with the biggest campaign stash wins the election (Dargis n.p).There are still thousands of people losing their jobs monthly, there are thousands more who cannot afford insurance cover.Moore is right in his message; there are a select few who have abused the American capitalistic system and made a ‘plutonomy’ out of the system (Dargis n.p).And the 1% remain at the top of the game, getting off lightly for crimes such as the ‘pheasant insurance’ or the 700 billion dollar tax write off awarded to sustain failing financial institutions after the most recent economic downturn (Dargis n.p). The facts may be presented with some pomp and circumstance but they are still facts.Just because there are myriad facts involved in the foreclosure does not change the fact that a home in America is foreclosed every seven minutes (Gritten n.p).But for every period in history there are systems that work, as well as others that simply do not.From Moore’s movie, I see that perhaps it is time that not only the U.


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