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The author of each has wide latitude in choosing what to say and how to say it.Likewise, a list or compilation may be extremely creative.You are really only safe if the list is purely formulaic." In considering whether a list or compilation is copyrightable, we have to look first at its nature.

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There should be no issue with including a cited reference in an article about a subject mentioned in the list.

For instance, the Penny Arcade (webcomic) article can comfortably mention the inclusion of the comic and its creators on multiple "value judgment" lists.

Some essays represent widespread norms; others only represent minority viewpoints.

This page in a nutshell: In order to comply with copyright policy, Wikipedians need to consider the creativity of compilations and lists before incorporating content from them.

Instead, we consider two factors: The Wikimedia Foundation's associate counsel wrote in January 2011, "Unless you know the criteria involved in creating the list, it is impossible to even gauge the potential of a court finding that it warrants copyright protection.

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And unfortunately, even if you do know the criteria, it is very hard to predict what a court will say (especially because the courts vary in their opinions in different circuits on this matter) when there is a degree of creativity involved.

After making sure content clears these criteria, it should be checked further against the below.) If the content in the source list is a "value judgment", or if there is plausible reason to believe it may be, we cannot treat it like public domain material.

Rather, we must limit our reproduction of the material just as we do reproduction of other copyrighted content.

If they are creative in content (subjective "value judgments"), material taken from them may need to be limited to comply with fair use.

If they are creative in selection or presentation, information is usable but only if presentation and selection are significantly altered.


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