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Bar is essentially a searchable database of actual, graded CBX (California Bar Exam) essays.

Bar is essentially a searchable database of actual, graded CBX (California Bar Exam) essays.This includes both typewritten and handwritten essays, and it covers many years of the CBX, both July and February bars.

But just know that I would be happy to review their services even without the compensation because, frankly, I used it the last time that I took the bar, so I know a bit about the good, the bad, and the ugly of this site.

I hope that all of you out there will find this review to be helpful.

If you have any questions on the past baby bar essay exams and sample answers, please feel free to post below.

Where do you find essays and performance tests to practice on?

Essentially, though, once you get a "review" file open, by mousing over comment bubbles, it's as though you get to see the reviewers' thoughts as they read the essay.

As I mentioned before, one bad thing was within myself in that it was hard to understand at first precisely what I needed to do to reach the higher scores, especially near the beginning of my study period.However, once I went back to Bar toward the end of my studies, it seemed a lot clearer, and the grading made more sense to me.As far as the premium membership is concerned, a significant portion of internet users choose Chrome as their go-to browser.Bar found out about by blog (somehow) and asked me to write a review because I mentioned the fact that I had used their services in one of my posts (here).I agreed to do so, and for the purposes of being upfront and honest, they have offered me some compensation.My original review provided the following about "the ugly:" Ok, I'll be honest.The site isn't the world's most aesthetically pleasing one. It's an extremely helpful database, and at for all of the above, I would recommend it to anyone.I also thought that finding a "review" file should have been another sorting factor, but it's not.Instead, after you sort for the type of essays you want, next to each essay, if it has been reviewed, there will be a review button next to the other buttons associated with those essays.Also, memorizing dozens of subject areas can be quite overwhelming, especially if you did not get the opportunity to take a particular course during your law school years.To assist you, please keep an eye out for 10-minute or less videos that provide you with a general overview of a vast number of subject areas that will allow you to memorize them more effectively and efficiently!


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