Business School Essay Examples

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Your resume should reflect the breadth of your experience, your personal statement should reflect the depth of your experience.

Focus on current, professional successes (and setbacks) that shaped your worldview and brought you to the decision to go to business school.

This is no good; the reader can just smell that they are getting leftovers. It’s true that the admissions committee is looking for a unique essay that cuts through the drudgery of the many cookie cutter (and often poorly written) pieces.

However, this does not give you license to write anything you want.

The readers are trying to put together an ideal classroom filled with fascinating students from different backgrounds. The most important one is to avoid general statements as much as possible. These writers are often trying to second guess the system and write what they think the reader wants to hear. Think of it this way: You only have so many words to convince the admissions committee that you are the ideal person for their limited class roster.

Isn’t it smarter to use all of those words to paint a flattering portrait of yourself?

This may be the most obvious of MBA essay tips, but the temptation to do it occasionally proves too great for some. Remember, the admissions board wants to get to know the real you, your sense of yourself, your resilience and your capacity for change.

Impersonal, vague, one-size-fits-all essays are easy to ignore. An MBA essay that meanders through your younger years is just as likely to lose your audience as a bland essay.

You can be sure that if you are dwelling on something negative, there are plenty of essayists out there who are selling themselves on all positive messaging. If you can avoid these five common essay missteps, you will definitely have a leg up on the majority of your competition in the MBA application process.

With all these rules to help you get ahead, you’ll be swinging for sure.


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