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However, nine people is generally far too few to ensure inclusion of all the key stakeholders and three echelons of rank. Entire books have been written on how to conduct small facets of strategic planning.If this is the case, bring more than nine people – but be prepared to actively facilitate the dialogue to keep the group focused, on track and inclusive of all opinions on the team. There are countless methods to build your strategic plans. There is no right answer, but there is definitely a wrong one – “winging it”.

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At the same time, leaders from corporations around the globe are converging in conference rooms and off-site hotel meeting rooms to plan their 2017 objectives and map out their strategies to achieve them.

We’ve got annual budgetary closeouts, a mad dash to achieve this year’s goals, and everyone’s gearing up for the holidays.

A $20bn organization will have a vastly different structure, headcount, market presence and strategic plan than a $15bn organization with higher earnings.

You can’t pursue both of these destinations at the same time, so the leadership must pick one before the strategic planning session starts. The answers to these questions will help to frame the discussions that take place in the Strategic Planning session. Answer this question – In order to conduct an effective strategic planning session, you must first answer the big questions.

Strategic Planning is heavy lifting and involves a lot of creative thinking.

Determine the process that you will undertake now to engage the team and create the strategic plan.

The Generals have the clearest strategic picture, but they can’t hand down their plan from on high without getting the buy-in and insights from the other levels of rank.

The mid-level officers will be responsible for communicating and implementing the strategic plan, so their input is critical.

Define the constraints – what are our financial goals? At Afterburner, we call the organization’s “why” their Organizational Imperative. I asked one leader what was his team’s guiding purpose and he responded, “Our purpose is to increase Net Operating Income (NOI) by 4%”.

Is that a cause you’re ready to give your time and effort to? Define your team’s purpose – your reason for existing as a group.


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