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There are many small business online communities where entrepreneurs gather to get fresh ideas, help or encouragement.Make a list of those communities, and visit them often.

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They analyze the information gathered to determine which facts are pertinent to the story.

These reporters write each story according to the publication's editorial style and formatting guidelines.

They proofread completed articles before submitting them to an editor for publication.

The BLS reported that in May 2015 the middle half of reporters and correspondents earned from $27,090 to $56,780.

Business writers work for companies, while business reporters work as journalists for publications.

These writers typically hold a bachelor's degree in communications, business, journalism, or a related major.

Writers may revise documents several times, since those working on the project or plan often provide additional information. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported in May 2015 that the middle half of writers and authors earned from ,380 to ,030 annually (gov).

Some writers also prepare page layouts and incorporate graphic images with the text. The BLS did not report statistics separately for business writers.

Even on websites where you're not allowed to leave personal information, entrepreneurs will find a way to contact you.

Post you real name, and they'll Google you to find you, or if the forum allows it, they'll send you a private message.


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