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At its core, a business plan is a roadmap to guide you through your career.

At its core, a business plan is a roadmap to guide you through your career.

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Many companies have a formal mission statement which they use to guide their overall actions.

For other companies their mission statement may be informal and for far too many companies they don’t have a mission statement at all – probably not a great choice!

Squarespace is a terrific way to set up your own beautiful website.

At the very least it should have a sampling of your best work, a page about you, and a way to get in touch.

Lucky for us, he doesn’t keep those secrets to himself. This Society6 artist has some things worth jotting down.

Let me start by saying this: there is no one-size-fits-all business plan for artists.And, even if you aren’t seeking investors right away, a solid business plan will come in handy if you decide to solicit investments in the future.Starting with a smaller plan that you can update as you go is often the best course of action for creatives who are beginning their careers but don’t necessarily need a business plan to present to investors.Creating a mission statement for your art or creative business is one of the most important and perhaps most difficult tasks in developing your business plan.In a sentence or two you describe why your business exists, what you sell and to whom, and should include a bit of your “secret sauce.” In short, your mission statement is what gets you up in the morning!And there are certain elements that form the foundation of just about every artist’s career, so let’s take a look at what those are.Sounds simple, but many artists make the mistake of only focussing on making great work, assuming everything else will take care of itself. Others focus only on setting up a shop without any regard for the quality of their work or building an audience, and wonder why people aren’t throwing money at them. Here’s what you need to get them all: Are you hoping to land gigs painting murals?Business plans aren’t only for multimillion dollar corporations or startups seeking investors.They also offer great ways to have a handle on your business, whether you are selling goods online, starting your photography studio, or working as a fine artist.Once people have found your work, you need a way to keep in touch with them. For bonus points, set up an email newsletter and get folks to subscribe.It takes much more effort, but email is super effective. You need to be clear about this, and set it up so it’s easy for people to hire you or buy your stuff.


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