Business Plan Financial Projections

Excluding Scenario Analysis: The only thing we know is true about a startup’s projections is that they are incorrect.It’s a red flag if a startup doesn’t consist of multiple potential situations in their own calculations.Considering Revenue before it actually arrived: This could be services that the business hasn’t been paid for yet or the pre-sale of an item which has not shipped yet.

The planner commonly makes mistakes with profitability.

Financials which don’t openly list assumptions are red flags to investors.

The financials should include a comprehensive written explanation that describes the assumptions listed and how the entrepreneur arrived at these assumptions, including any evidence or supporting data.

Investors ask you for: Creditors won’t just request data in your previous performances, also called historical data, in the financial section of your business plan they may also request for 5 year financial projection or 3 year financial projection for startups.

No Assumptions Listed: Startup financial projections include assumptions — assumptions around growth rates, pricing, expenses, and several different things affecting the condition of the company.


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