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That app had a very unique feature to help people start a business. From these conversations I realized that people were having business challenges in 4 unique areas: - Business ideas: - Writing a business plan - Marketing - Raising money or as some people call it fundraising So I expanded the original app into the 4 apps you see now.

The 4 apps guide you through some of the most common challenges of starting a business.

You can later download the business plan or even invite friends to write the business plan with you, right on the app.

For some people the business planning app is not enough. The reason it is my favorite is because people only need the marketing app if they have already started their business.

The business idea app answers some of the most common business idea questions and lets you create a small business plan on the app.

Some of the common business idea questions have to do with protecting your business ideas, being able to know whether the idea is a good one or not, and what to do if you have multiple ideas that you like.The marketing app teaches you how to promote your business by getting publicity, using social media marketing, SEO and other tactics.If you need marketing help beyond this app, which I think you should since marketing is extremely important for your business, then I would recommend that you check out my marketing strategist services and see how I can help you plan an amazing and effective marketing strategy to promote your business.I just focused on my work, and over time I became successful.But because I know you will ask about raising money, the fundraising app is the 4th app in this 4-app series on starting a business.But to understand why these are the best mobile apps to start a business, you have to understand how they were made.Today, the apps come as a 4-app course on Android and i Phone, But they started out as just one Android app. On that app alone, I helped over 1,000 people start their business by chatting with them about their situations and their unique business challenges.Here is an article on how to write a business plan, and a service I offer as a business coach where I can help you create your business plan during one on one coaching via Skype. Most people who get the business idea app and the business plan app never actually end up starting their business.But the marketing app users all need marketing because they already started their businesses and need to promote it.Ideally, you app should target a problem and a growing market, and Google Trends can give you a fair idea about your prospects.Keep in mind though that if you are working on an app idea which doesn’t have any traction yet (think of pioneers like Uber) Google Trends won’t help.


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