Brutus Vs Cassius Essay

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Cassius is a mysterious, shady figure with much military experience, and is Machiavellian in his philosophies.

Throughout the course of the play's events, Cassius undergoes an almost complete personality alteration, from immoral manipulator to noble Roman.

Cassius does not think about the crisis, he reacts.

When he heard Antony was going to kill all of the conspirators, he thought it would be best to kill Antony along with Caesar.

Brutus and Cassius appear to be similar, but very diverse in different aspects of their life.

Brutus has a genuine personality, and Cassius changes his personality when he is around different people.He knows the weaknesses of people, and he preys on them.For example, Cassius knows he needs Brutus as an ally because Brutus is as loved by the people as Caesar is, and with his assistance will come the support of the Roman public.He mainly tried to find out why Anthony was so loyal to Caesar.Brutus felt he had more power over Cassius because he had a high government position.On the other hand, Cassius wants to get to the bottom of the case.He is more of a problem solver, than a wise thinker.Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays., many characters contrasted each other, but there were two who stuck out the most and they happened to be Brutus and Cassius.Neither Brutus nor Cassius were strong at dealing with crises. When crises came up, though, he would always take the easy way out.At the end of the play, he ended up killing himself because he could not make the decision whether to go and fight or kill himself.


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