Broken Window Thesis

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However, to date this theory has remained unproven.

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For example, in 1994, Rudy Giuliani was elected as the mayor of New York.

He quickly implanted a broken window theory strategy and had the police crackdown on graffiti and other smaller quality of life crimes.

Try it risk-free Say that you're on vacation with your family and are driving in an area that you are unfamiliar with.

When you look around, you see that windows on the buildings have been broken and there's graffiti on the walls and abandoned cars on the streets.

Usually people police their own neighborhoods until they feel it is unsafe to do so.

When the neighborhood becomes unsafe in their opinion, they either move away if they can or remain inside of their houses to stay safe.

He had broken windows repaired and graffiti removed nightly.

As a direct result, the overall crime rate dropped sharply.

The assessment that you made was due to what is considered the broken window theory.

The broken window theory stems from an article written in 1982 by criminologists James Q. Their theory states that signs of disorder will lead to more disorder.


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