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’ The Canadian feminist Meghan Murphy, who has been central to drawing attention to the Yaniv case and to critiquing the cult of gender self-ID and its dire impact on women’s spaces, describes it well.In an interview on my podcast a few months ago she talked about how gender self-ID necessarily erases women-only spaces and also devastates the idea of womanhood itself.

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The logic of such a flight from reason, of creating a situation where anyone can be a woman regardless of how they were born or what bits they have, is that blokes will intrude on women’s spaces.

There will be born males in female changing rooms; burly trans-women, who have benefited from the testosterone carnival that is male puberty, taking part in women’s sports; born males putting themselves forward for all-women shortlists in politics; and people actually saying ‘I am a woman and therefore you must wax my testicles’. ‘Wax this woman’s testicles’ – can we hear ourselves? It’s the logic that has seen male rapists being sent to women’s prisons because they now self-ID as women.

It really is just a way to demonise and punish anyone who refuses to bow down to the ideology of genderfluidity.

It is stick used to beat those who refuse to buy into the Orwellian notion that war is peace, freedom is slavery, and a penis can be female.

I would have done the waxing after getting the dinlo to sign a waiver, then I would have torn his sack off.

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“After all, if anyone can be a woman, then being a woman becomes a pretty meaningless, hollow affair.” Yeah.

It is the logic that means a trans-woman who went through male puberty can now be winning gold medals in the women’s world cycling championships.

It’s the logic that leads to people using actual phrases like ‘female penis’ without ever thinking to themselves, ‘What the hell am I talking about?

You can now be a bigot simply for believing in reality itself, in this case that people with penises are not women.

Pressuring women to handle male genitalia against their will is dreadful and it suggests woke politics has now crossed the line from irritating to disgusting.


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