Brave New World Allusions Essay

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You can search “Satire in ‘Brave New World’ for additional references.

You can search “Satire in ‘Brave New World’ for additional references.

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After the ritual, they meet a blond-haired man with blue eyes.

The Savage, whose name is John, tells them that he is upset that the other Indians will not let him participate in the ritual because of his skin color.

While walking, the young man receives a whipping until he falls and dies.

The other Indians worship a statue of a man on a cross and an eagle.

Bernard and Lenina meet Linda, John's mother, who rejoices at seeing civilized people again.

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She complains that there is too much dirt and that she has to drink mescal (alcohol) and use peyote, a hallucinatory drug, in place of soma.

A novel way ahead of its time, Science and Technology — As beneficial as technology can be for the world, this novel demonstrates how these advancements can actually cause major setbacks for the morality and integrity of a society.

This has come up in multiple places as an essay question answer for homework.

Since there is no live birth in the outside society, Lenina finds the scene of a woman nursing a child to be disgusting.

She then discovers that both she and Bernard forgot their soma, so she has to see the village consciously rather than through the veil of the narcotic.


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