Boys And Girls Short Story Essay

Boys And Girls Short Story Essay-6
However, it is only at the end of the story that the narrator brings out her fears and worries.The narrator brings about the emotional detachment the main character has with authority figures; for instance, her parents.

From the entire story, the audience can see that the main character’s lustful behavior stands out courtesy of how she associates with other secondary characters in the story.

Emotional dependence comes into view by the way the narrator lacks any qualms with sleeping around especially since she is a girl.

She wanted to portray a personality that was extremely social, outgoing, and fun to be around while it was the exact opposite as she divulges, “After sex, you curl up like a shrimp, something deep inside you ruined, slammed in a place that sickens at slamming…”(Minot 16).

At one instance where she was with Tim, she stripped naked and lay on the rug after he had gone to close the door.

She goes on to state that for a boy sleeping with many girls was a good thing whilst for a girl it was an ominous thing to sleep around.

This aspect shows that despite portraying a “do not care” attitude, at times she knew what she was doing was wrong and it was eating her from the inside.Through her actions and feelings, the audience sees her real part in the story.Lust’s narrator does not have a name, but she is in her teenage years going to a religious academy that is located away from her home.This assertion shows that her parents took her to a far away boarding school so that they would not have to deal with the issues that their teenage daughter was going through.The mentality of knowing her family is not anywhere near allows her to have all the freedom she wants in order to engage in whatever she likes.The main character reveals to the audience that most girls in the school used the pill, which would prevent them from getting pregnant once they engaged in unprotected sexual escapades.She could take the pills in the morning just before they went to the school chapel.creates and brings out the main character of the story in a unique manner.The protagonist’s relationship with the other characters in the story brings it out her uniqueness as opposed to her physical appearance.Even without the name of the main character, the audience can tell how she behaves and relates with others, which brings out the imbalance of power that exists between men and women particularly when it comes to sex.The powerful sexual desire that men in this story have completely overcomes the narrator.


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