Boy Scout Leadership Essay

The Boy Scouts of America doesn't say how long a personal statement should be or how it should be written.

It's important the statement is in your own words and it reflects an honest effort.

This doesn't have to be a separate section; add them when you describe your leadership positions.

Like everything else in your personal statement, these should be the things that matter to you most.

According to Davison, allowing gays in would be like asking the NAACP to provide services to the Ku Klux Klan.

The long-standing policy has been that members be "morally straight" and "clean." If they were required to accept a gay Scout leader, the Boy scouts are afraid that it would send the wrong message and therefore people would assume that homosexuality was moral, a point they don't agree with.

Chief Justice Rehnquist while agreeing with the Scouts, made it clear that homosexuality was not the issue.

Chief Justice Rehnquist stated, "We are not, as we must not be, guided by our views of whether the Boy Scouts' teaching with respect to homosexual conduct are right or wrong." In the courtroom the Boy Scouts argue that they are a private voluntary organization and their "moral code" forbids membership to homosexuals.

This should be an enjoyable and inspiring activity as you think about your life path so far and what you most want to do with your life.

You may be surprised one day to see how inspiring this statement can be, so make sure you save a copy for yourself.


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