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For example she rejoices in her relocation but does not wonder how it occurs, to her it is merely the work of fate's lucky hand.

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She knows what is right and wrong, however her circumstances make it hard for her to be a 'good' person. The previous marker seems to be judging you by A-Level standard instead of GCSE.

In the play she gives up her child because she knows that he will have a more comfortable life with Mrs Lyons and that he will have more opportunities. For a GCSE essay, this is solid in content and your usage of quotes seems competent.

When 'Sammy' is suspended 'Mrs Johnstone' says it's the school's fault for 'letting the silly gets play with magnesium.' Also the character 'Mrs Johnstone' is fatalistic and this is shown by her saying 'what wil be will be'.

This infers that she does not concern herself with explanations of events in her life, she just accepts them.

“ It’s such a lovely house it’s pleasure to clean it” this highlights that Russell shows the Lyon’s house as middle class family such as reach and wealthier characters. The way that the other characters speak and deal with Mrs. Russell is trying to tell the audience about society and the way in which it separate classes through these characters.

Johnstone a little respectively, for Instance the policeman give a little support to Mrs. “ And he was about to commit a serious crime” it implies that Mrs. Johnstone was treated dis-respectively apart from Mrs. Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.Blood Brothers How does Willy Russell explore the themes of class and society through Mickey and Eddie on stage?Introduction Through out the play `Blood Brothers’ Willy Russell explore the themes of class and society through Mickey and Eddie.The character 'Mrs Johnstone' makes rash decisions on impulse rather than thinking carefully over the consequences of her actions.I know this because she buys items out of the catalogues knowing that she is unable to pay for them.In this essay i am going to explain how the character 'Mrs Johnstone' is portrayed in the play 'Blood Brothers'.At the start of the play the audience are told that she is only twenty-five years old and already has had seven children.The lifestyle of Eddie symbolyses a more comfortable, which he has many good things such as foods, sweet, money and the environment of Eddie. “ It’s only because I love you, Eddie” it states that Eddie’s parents whereas Mrs.Lyon is a wealthier person where she has lot of moneys to buy things and can make home tidy. Johnston’s house was always close and all the audience can sees in the front door but the Lyon’s house always open therefore the audience get to see the expensive and stylish furniture. It suggest that other characters in the play would be ashamed how the house look and the creation inside Mrs. Through out the play the houses remain on stage and Willy Russell uses different settings and time spans being indicated by lightning changes, minimum of properties and furniture to influence the audience.


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