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You should take this opportunity to list the ideas you have as well as the ideas you want to research more thoroughly.Monetizing include: Don’t be afraid to get specific about the types of courses you want to create or the services you want to test. Just remember that you’re better off trying no more than 2 at a time.This could be as simple as making your website have a more minimal user-friendly appearance compared to your competitors colorful and cluttered website.

Brainstorm ideas but keep in mind the amount of time you have to afford and where your biggest impacts might be. If you thought to turn a blog into business was going to be a free endeavor, you’re mistaken.

You’ll find that some things don’t cost, but to grow and reach your goals, you will need to invest a little at first.

Make it personal or about the people you want to impact.

This is a great first step because it helps you recognize why you’re doing this and what you hope to achieve. Dedicate as much space as you need to write out everything from personal financial goals like paying off debt, to other more fun things, like traveling or waking up at 11 am every day.

This is your chance to shoot for the stars because it’s just paper.

That said, writing big goals down has a way of manifesting itself into energy that you can use towards the right tasks and opportunities.

Whether it’s investing in a self-hosted website or an email service, you’ll need to plan where the funds will come from along the way.

Ask yourself these questions: There are probably hundreds of ways you can make money with an online business.

Let’s face it, most industries have a few “top” performers, which may make this task discouraging.

But, don’t stress, it’s all part of your success plan.


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