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Challenge of using this strategy: Essays with many examples of direct quoting are often thought of as being “choppy” or “lacking flow.” The reason for this is that the words and ways of using language of so many others have been included in a a single text.

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You will use the same alphabetical designations in your in-text citations that you do in your References section.

The incidence of West Nile virus in Florida increased between 20 (Dickens, 2014a).

According to Dickens (2014b), “these viral infections were precipitated by record levels of rainfall around the peninsula” (p. According to a study by Adams (as cited in Franklin, 2016), 25% of all US federal prisoners have been diagnosed with some form of social disorder.

Adams (as cited in Franklin) contends that this statistic “reflects the de-humanizing conditions of most federal institutions” (p. Even when some central information is missing from a website (e.g., no author, date, or webpage title), you may still cite it as a source if you use the correct formatting.

Definition: The use of a direct quotation in which a middle section of the quote has been removed.

The text that has been directly quoted must be enclosed in quotation marks and the source must be cited.A tool is a thing out there in the world, a palpable object that one can store in the garage and retrieve as necessary” (Welch 1999, 145).Benefit of using this strategy: There is never any doubt that you have given credit to the source.The faulty integration of a source, even if the source is cited, can be considered plagiarism.The following strategies for integrating sources in your paper are generally accepted by most writing and citation guidebooks. Modern Language Association (MLA) style is commonly used for citing references in Humanities courses, such as English and General Education Writing courses.Giving credit to your sources of information is a very important part of academic research.APA (American Psychological Association) is the style the formatting style most used to cite sources within the social sciences and in several other academic disciplines.In research papers, in-text citations are most commonly used in the Introduction and Results sections.For information on how to cite a website with missing information, visit the APA Style Blog post on Missing Pieces.For a more comprehensive explanation of social media citations guidelines, visit the APA Style Blog post on How to Cite Social Media in APA Style.


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