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Depending on the amount of deformity, we often have to use special implants or surgical techniques to put the hip in as normal a position as possible. Read more See 1 more doctor answer Calaxo screws were used for acl reconstruction, not total knee replacement surgery.Fda aaclpproved in march 2006, the calaxo screw was recalled only a year and a half later, in august 2007, after the fda and smith & nephew received complaints about swelling, screw fragmentation and pockets of fluid build-up. Read more If there is full thickness cartilage loss allograft resurfacing is my first choice with an osteotomy as needed to unload the medial compartment Eventually some form of prosthetic knee replacement will be required but should be avoided as long as possible ...Total hip replacement: surgery in which the diseased ball and socket of the hip joint are completely removed and replaced with artificial materials.

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Partial hip replacement using Bipolar hip systems are a reliable and effective treatment option for hip fractures and diseased femoral heads and/or necks.

The Bipolar shell articulates against the host acetabular articular cartilage, preserving acetabular bone stock for future considerations.

The incidence of dislocation ranges from 0.1% to 1-2% depending on the above factors. Read more See 2 more doctor answers I do not believe you are a candidate for the following reasons. 2-i do not know how sever those changes are, usually when you have dislocation of the patella you have small piece of the articular cartilage come out.

While surface replacement may have less risk than a total hip replacement, other factors may make these less desirable.

Bipolar head The purpose of the BCK type bipolar cervicocapital head is to replace the natural femur head when the acetabulum is intact.

To set the joint geometry the 26mm diameter prosthesis head provides different neck positions.

This occurs in cases of the so called femoral head necrosis, e.g. In these patients the surgeon may remove only the diseased femoral head and replace it with an artificial ball of the same dimensions.

We offer to our clients superior quality artificial head which articulates with the healthy Hemi-arthroplasty means a half replacement joint operation.

As these materials have no nerve endings, there is no pain created where they are in contact. In a total knee replacement, the cartilage is replaced with the prosthetic components, thereby getting rid of the arthritis permanently.

For severe, end-stage arthritis, knee replacement is the best option. Read more See 1 more doctor answer You will probably get you out of bed and moving on the first day after surgery.


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