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Our core faculty and more than 70 affiliated faculty work together in interdisciplinary research centers and pathways offering students the opportunity to learn in a diverse and rich spectrum of biomedical engineering research areas.

A written report, co-signed by the rotation mentor signifying completion of the rotation, is required at the end of each rotation. No later than the end of the first year of enrollment in the doctoral program, students are required to take and pass both written and oral qualifying examinations.

The written portion consists of one of the rotation reports, while the oral portion covers the fields of research encompassed by the research done in the rotation.

A written and oral thesis proposal normally should be completed within two years of completion of the qualifying exam.

The thesis committee must meet annually, however, so the thesis committee must be formed within one year of passing the qualifying exam.

The members of the thesis committee may change as the research topic evolves.

Doctoral students serve as assistants to instructors for one semester after they have passed their qualifying examinations.

The department generally gives graduate course credits for some of the medical school courses toward fulfillment of course requirements for the degree.

This is arranged on an individual basis between the student, his or her academic adviser and the director of doctoral studies.

After this defense, presentation to and acceptance by the registrar's office of the final dissertation completes the degree requirements.

All students in the program are expected to satisfy the academic performance requirements of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, which can be found in the Graduate School Bulletin's General Requirements section.


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