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Simply put, UNIQ was not just work, there was time for play.After being at Oxford for a term now I can see that the UNIQ experience is very similar to that of actually being an Oxford student.

Simply put, UNIQ was not just work, there was time for play.

If it were not for UNIQ I would have certainly not applied to Oxford and my life could have taken a completely different path.

I was recommended by a teacher to look at various summer schools to learn more about the course that I wanted to take at university (PPE).

Here we provide a step-by-step process to help you plan your application and submit everything on time, while giving you the best chance of success.

First-year student in PPE, Exeter College I spent a lot of my first year of sixth form considering what my future would be.

The personal statement forms a key part of your university application.

At its best, a personal statement is a concise and individual footprint of your academic interests.Whilst my family were supportive, they did not know how to help me, especially as most of them had not even been to university.I also had some very negative perceptions of the university.The right to be great and do the best you can is a right that everyone should have — it should not be reserved for the few.Greatness does not know class or background, so the fact that the university has recognised this fact and is trying to accommodate for such things is a step in the right direction.I thought the vast majority of people would be rich, the courses would be tough and leave no time for fun and I also thought that my class would make me stick out like a sore thumb.This left me in a position where I thought that I might not be good enough and did not have the resources to be able to apply to such a prestigious place.You could ask as many questions as you liked, no matter how basic or mundane they sounded.There was also a lot of free time to relax and talk to others, both on your course and those who have come to study other courses.The tutors who give you lectures at UNIQ over the week do not condescend or belittle you just because you are in sixth form, they give challenging and highly fascinating lectures.I had a variety of lectures on things from the death of traditional news media to developmental economics.


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