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These series will open their eyes to the wonders of lives that were (mostly) very well spent. Volumes are visually striking, with dramatic dark red, black, and white design elements; excellent photos; colored captions; and many informative sidebars and spreads. Elementary –These brief overviews are an effective introduction to biographies for newcomers. ISBN 9781482442625; ISBN 9781482442663; ISBN 9781482442632. The second set is an outline primer plus a page for them to handwrite their report (if you don’t already make them use a word processor!

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Photos relating to artists’ lives and careers enhance visual and informational strengths.

Excellent reproductions are accompanied by informative captions; dates and the museums/collections and cities where they works are located are included.

The time lines in wordy descriptions of product production include only one small stock color photo each, whereas the other titles explain their methods creatively, with plenty of explanatory colored graphics. “Fun Facts” sidebars offer entertaining, educational bits of trivia and striking covers, colored banners, and numerous high-quality black-and-white and color photos of the products appropriately enliven the playful appearance.

Interspersed quotes from the subject or a biographer help readers understand each subject better.

While not in-depth studies, readers are introduced to these painting masters personally and stylistically, with enough information for reports.

–Breezy writing and brief chapters promote brisk reading.

Standard nonfiction features—table of contents, brief index, glossary with pronunciation guides, bibliography with a link to the publisher’s site—acquaint youngest students with the tools they need to locate information. The attractive design includes full-page portraits and signature replicas; pages festooned with stars; colorful, informative sidebars; and numerous contemporary photos, illustrations, and documents.

The books have strong visual appeal: high-quality photos depict subjects’ lives, careers, and concurrent historical events; type is set against colored backgrounds; and sidebars resemble campaign buttons. The series handles weighty matters with an appropriately serious tone, while using accessible language that doesn’t patronize.

The titles about the contemporary figures are current, but the time line in ISBN 9781943553327; ISBN 9781943553662.

Also in each volume: a “Facts and Quotes” page highlighted by a statue or bust of the president. –Fact-laden volumes include excellent reproductions; works by contemporaries and modern-day artists inspired by these masters are displayed for comparison, and explanations of how these artists impacted future generations and were themselves influenced are clear.


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