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An explosion of incomprehensible speed was the beginning of our known Universe and existence.At that time matter as small as the head of a pin inflated to become larger than the visible Universe of today in less than one millisecond....It takes into consideration other theories that help explain different aspects of the overall theory.

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Edwin Hubble also supported his idea because it went along with his observations that the galaxies were moving away due to something....

[tags: universe, george lemaitre, model] - Astronomers believed the Universe was created about 14 billion years ago.

In 1948, Gamow predicted that the radiation from the big bang nucleosynthesis must still be filling the universe.

The universe expanding can branch of to even more theories... If that is true then that mean there could be entirely different worlds with maybe living creatures living there maybe even a difference species of human....

If atheists do not believe in miracles, then what do they think that evolution and the big bang are. Miracles are defined as an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs.

Atheists believe that life came from nothing, ex nihilo, or even life came from nonlife.... Wilson in California, had shown that the distant galaxies all appeared to be receding from us at speeds proportional to their distances.In 1965 two radio astronomers, Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson, discovered a 2.725 degree Kelvin (-454.765 degree Fahrenheit, -270.425 degree Celsius) Cosmic Microwave Background radiation (CMB) that is spread out across the universe....[tags: universe, scientists, galaxy] - For centuries humans have sat outside and looked into the night sky and wondered why or how.- The Big Bang Theory Why is the Universe expanding. There are many questions asked about our Universe, which we know so little about.Scientists, in their attempt to answer these and other confrontations, have found one idea that seems to explain much of what we don't understand: The Big Bang Theory.It’s been on the minds of simpletons, philosophers and scientists alike since the beginning of time, and yet no one really has a definite answer.However, all this discussion and debate has lead to some interesting discoveries, and those theories that have stood the test of time have included both scientific and religious perspectives.It states that the earth was created as a result of an explosion of a fireball.Here are some of the weaknesses of the Big Bang Theory below:- Weaknesses of the Big Bang Theory The main disadvantage of the Big Bang theory probably lies in its inability to explain where the original "ball" of energy came from that did the expanding (the "Bang") to form the universe and the space-time that it occupies....This theory was further boosted by the Arno and Penzias Wilson’s discovery of cosmic microwave radiation, which is believed to be the tangible remnant leftover light from the big bang.... Hubble observed that the universe is expanding in every direction, which makes us come to the conclusion that the universe was once compact and is now moving away from the point of origin.Since the universe is thought to have come from a singularity which is said to have a extreme heat in it, it was believed that there should be a background heat still in existence in the universe.


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