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A good SAT score will be a powerful weapon in your arsenal when you will be applying to a good college.Therefore, the SAT can seem as an overwhelming and difficult task to do.

Raw scores are converted to scaled scores, which are used to determine percentile ranks.

The percentile indicates how well you did compared to other test takers.

Ehrenreich reveals how the John Templeton Foundation, which plays a significant role in “gratitude’s rise to self-help celebrity status” for funding a number of projects to publically spread the message of gratitude, does not provide funding to improve the lives of poor people.

Ehrenreich forces the reader to question The John Templeton Foundation for preferring to fund projects that “improve…attitudes” as opposed to more philanthropic aims, which is the purpose of most foundations.

So, try it yourself and evaluate your essay based on our examples.

For even more essay fun (because it’s super fun, right?? About essay scoring: The new SAT essay has a different scoring rubric than the old essay, which we go over here.

The SAT Essay is not much harder than a typical college writing assignment, where you are asked to analyze the text, so do not worry too much. You will be given a passage of nearly 700 words which you will have to read and then respond to it.

The main purpose of the SAT is to see how well you can analyze an author’s argument.

If not, you might still consider the possibility of passing the test just to demonstrate your writing and analytical skills.

Moreover, the scores that you will get back will showcase your strengths and weaknesses in the area and basically, the preparation for the test will serve a preparation for college.


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