Best Paper For Making Fake Money

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You could try Bleaching $1 dollar bills, I know real counterfeiters have done things like this in the past with some success.

I have no idea the method or process, and then once you have the blank paper you would have to find a way to print on it again. There are a bunch of laws in the US around counterfeiting and defacing currency for obvious reasons. Most of the money props you can buy at magic shops could be considered illegal as well.

He used top quality printing presses to print the cash and set up shop in a location that had enough room to store the supplies, presses and printers.

From that point he began printing big numbers of money like you would see in a printing press, except in this case it was being done illegally.

Only after printing the whole 250 millions of fake dollars did he go on to make sales in the black market which sold 50 million in all but 1 million was for selling $300,000.

Eventually, authorities which included the Royal Canadian Police working with the United States Secret Service got their first clue when Frank sold counterfeit money to an undercover agent which over time led to them shutting down his operation.

Quality resume paper works pretty good - the key is to wrinkle it and texture it as a real circulated bill.

Once you wrinkle it, iron it to get a little crisp while maintaining the stressed look. currency paper is made by Crane Company under very high security.

Before getting into counterfeiting, Frank Bourassa had a history of reselling stolen clothing and car parts and actual cars for business.

At his start into researching about faking money he did a lot of research on the internet where he started by researching on Government websites which had tons of information about fake money and the security features that currency has on them.


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