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Pair fonts from different font styles, or from the same styles.

To pair fonts, here are the font styles (or font families) you’d be working with: Now you can experiment with pairing recipes.

And mess­ing around with the font menu on your com­puter isn’t a sub­sti­tute for know­ing the fun­da­men­tals of type com­po­si­tion and text for­mat­ting.

That’s why this chap­ter appears in the mid­dle of the book, not the begin­ning. So here’s the secret sauce: if you want the fastest, eas­i­est, and most obvi­ous upgrade to your typog­ra­phy, noth­ing beats a pro­fes­sional font.

You or your graphic designer should be able to use your chosen fonts in whichever way looks best with other images. What you thought was playful might only look too “kiddie” to others. Each pairing recipe has its dynamic and its own ideal placements– script and decorative fonts do well when used to set off Serifs/Sans Serifs in headers and banners, while Serif and Sans Serif are the best for headings and body text.

This is how you evaluate if that font you wanted is conveying the tone and emotion you mean to convey.

As a designer of pro­fes­sional fonts—includ­ing the ones used in this book—am I biased? But no one has seri­ously dis­puted that it’s true.

If you con­sider the alter­na­tives in this chap­ter and still pre­fer Times New Roman or other system fonts, I won’t think less of you.

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