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Check out: Cut the Clutter and Streamline Your Writing 21.

Check out: Cut the Clutter and Streamline Your Writing 21.

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Check out: When Being Good Enough Isn’t Good Enough 31.

Productive Writers Like all creative people, writers often suffer from a lack of productivity.

Check out: 10 Things You’ll Find in Every Bestselling Book 7. The Writer’s Alley This blog’s friendly community is an environment where writers connect to discuss what it’s like to be a writer today.

Advice to Writers Anyone who identifies as a writer will face many challenges in the modern world. Funds for Writers This blog reaches out to 40,000 “serious writers” who want to advance in every aspect of the profession. Check out: Creative Nonfiction: How to Maintain Your Writing Voice in an Oversaturated World 13.

No matter what your professional path is, you will inevitably have to communicate with people to explain your actions, engage your audiences, or promote your work. If you have ever looked closer into it, you know that the success of your projects and endeavors largely depends on how effective your writing is.

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Assignments, reports, posts on social media, emails…even text messages count.Australian Writers’ Centre Blog Here is an interactive platform that addresses various questions you may have as a writer. Writing Rocks This blog’s author focuses on the idea of powerful writing and shares tips on how to achieve it.Check out: Writers, How Much Should You Leave Unsaid? Resources for Writers Writers will find many helpful services, tools, and information here.This blog covers dozens of topics to help writers become more skillful and confident. Sarah K Peck’s Blog Like any good blog site for writers, this one is full of passionate storytelling, inspiration, and opportunities for writers. About Freelance Writing A freelance writer with 30 years of experience gives some tips on how to enjoy this type of work—and succeed in it Check out: Are Writers Really Smarter? Zestful Writing An acclaimed American author runs one of those blogs for writers where you will find lots of examples of good vs. Writers in Charge Professional writers share lots of practical information on how to make it in the business.For example, they post lists of blogs looking for writers. Storyfix 2.0 This is one of the blogs about writing that gives you precise and practical advice under the general tag, “write better.” Check out: Writing In A Corset 15.Check out: How to Write an Unforgettable Closing Line 26.Remarkable Communications Whatever you do, you probably face the need to communicate effectively.On this blog, you’ll find out how to make your writing more effective.As a result, you will be able to make a blog, write a story, or start a book. All Indie Writers This blog helps independent writers, bloggers, and publishers promote their work, find resources, and ultimately become full-scale professionals who any blogging platform would be lucky to have.Here’s one of the top blogging sites that will show you how your posts can be brightened up with a touch of humor.Check out: What to Do When Writing Keeps You From Writing 29.


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