Berkeley Haas Undergraduate Essay

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They’re not asking for that, and we understand why, and they’ve also simplified the main two essays as well which is applicant-friendly… We just can’t help feeling that something was lost in ditching out on a more standard required essay such as they had before.

Our Berkeley Haas MBA Application Guide will be updated as soon as possible for 2019 to help steer you in the right direction about all of these critical strategies.

Their Optional Information #2 is the classic “optional essay” that we cover in multiple posts here on the blahg, where you can talk about issues during college that resulted in a low GPA, or gaps in employment, that sort of thing.

We do not suggest writing the Optional Information #2 unless you have a specific reason to do so, that cannot be fully covered anywhere else in the application.

Perhaps there’s something going on during your childhood that would be worth mentioning?

The last part of this question is open-ended and invites any type of answer, provided you have something relevant that fits the theme of the questions.Berkeley has new essay questions again — and apparently, nothing directly asking about goals! Berkeley-Haas has traditionally been a school that really does want to know what’s driving your interest in the MBA, and they have geared much of their application evaluation on the career goals you lay out.We have not yet seen the entirety of their actual application, and it’s very possible that they have some direct career goals questions buried there, but as to formal essays, this is the first year we’ve ever seen Haas not have an explicit question asking you about goals.In terms of calling these “essays” well we kind of take issue with that label. The exercise of coming up with the list of 25 Random Things could well stimulate ideas for Haas Essay 1.As to the additional questions they’re asking, those are opportunities, too, provided you think through your background in the context of the question and be thoughtful in how you address them.For 2019, They ask the four questions that certain schools including Stanford are asking, plus one more – and that last one is really tricky since it’s so specific to Haas.You definitely should consider picking up our Recommender’s Instruction Sets if you’re applying to the UC Berkeley MBA.You can see the archive of essay questions down below for insights that we offered in previous years, many of which are still relevant today.You can also see our Haas essay reviews for a discussion of BSers attempts to answer past years’ incarnations of these questions.We generally discourage a last-round application to any top school.Just like with other competitive programss, you should aim to apply to Haas in either Fall or January and don’t bother with Round 3, at least not for the Haas full-time track.


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